Football Coaching 5 to 8yrs

Lawley & Lightmoor Comets FC

Football Coaching in Lightmoor Village on Woodlands Park:

Lawley & Lightmoor Comets FC run coaching sessions on Saturdays mornings on the village green. Please find below the age groups and details of coaches.

Groups Coach Start Time Finish Time
5 and 6 crèche Overseen by Ray Pickford & coached by Darrel Paterson 9.30am 10:30am
Under 7’s Carl Mathars 9.30am 11am
Under 8’s Ray Pickford 9.30am 11am

All coaches are or will be FA Level 1 and completed their child protection, emergency aid courses as well as CRB checked.
Spaces Available – Updated 28th April:
We currently have spaces as follows:

Creche (ages 5 – 6)
Coach Darryl Patterson
2 spaces available

Under 7’s (school year 2)
1 space available

Under 8’s (school year 3)
3 spaces available
Contact info is Ray Pickford, 07504 999 224.
Below is a picture of the under 8’s at Woodlands Park April 2011.
To learn more about Lawley & Lightmoor Comets FC visit

Lawley & Lightmoor Comets FC Under 8s Coaches from left: Ray Pickford, Kev Jones, Carl Mathars.

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