LVRA/ LVCG Minutes

Minutes of previous meetings


LVCG Minutes- 8th April 2014

LVCG Minutes March 2014 -meeting cancelled

LVCG  Minutes- 11th February 2014

LVRA Minutes 14th January 2014


LVRA December no meeting

LVRA AGM Minutes 2013

LVRA Minutes 12th November 2013

LVRA Minutes 8th October 2013

LVRA September meeting cancelled

LVRA Minutes 13th August 2013

LVRA Minutes 8th July 2013

LVRA Minutes 11th June 2013 outstanding

LVRA Minutes 14th May 2013

LVRA meeting in April was a social event

LVRA Minutes 12th March 2013

LVRA Minutes 12th February 2013

LVRA Minutes 17th January 2013


There was no meeting in December 2012

LVRA AGM Minutes 27th November 2012

LVRA Minutes 13th November 2012

LVRA Minutes 9th October 2012

LVRA Minutes 11th September 2012

There was no meeting in August 2012

LVRA Minutes 19th July 2012

LVRA Minutes 12th June 2012

LVRA Minutes 8th May 2012

LVRA Minutes 10th April 2012

LVRA Minutes 13th March 2012

LVRA Minutes 13th February 2012

LVRA Minutes 10th January 2012


November 29th 2011 LVRA Minutes – AGM

November 11th 2011 LVRA Minutes – Print

October 11th 2011 LVRA Minutes – Print

September 13th 2011 LVRA Minutes – Special Meeting – Print

August 9th 2011 LVRA Minutes – Print

July 12th 2011 LVRA Minutes – Print

June 14th 2011 LVRA Minutes – Print

May 10th 2011 LVRA Minutes – EGM – Print

April 12th 2011 LVRA Minutes – Print

March 8th 2011 LVRA Minutes – Print

February 8th 2011 LVRA Minutes – Print

January 11th 2011 LVRA Minutes – Print


November 30th 2010 LVRA Minutes – AGMPrint

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3 thoughts on “LVRA/ LVCG Minutes”

  1. Hi

    Do we have the minutes for the February meeting as yet, in particular the letter and response from, I think it was becky? and the chair of the committe. Also, if I have a point I would like raised and I can’t attend the meeting is it possible to send a question to the chair, if so, which is the best contact information to send the message to.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Alison, my name is Ian Bolingbroke the Chairman of the LVRA, as regards my letter to BVT, I’m still awaiting a reply, I’d planned to put my letter and the reply on this site together. The minutes are still in draft formate, for my approval when I have some time this week. I’ll make sure all the contact details are put on this site, I thought they were sorry about that. In the interim if you have a point for the agenda, please either EM me or call me, – / 01952 504334. Finally you are most welcome to attend the next meeting at the OTC on 13/3 @18.45

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